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Roof Systems

Hotmelt Systems

Radmat Permaquick 6100 is a high performance bituminous based structural waterproofing system applied in two coats with a polyester reinforcement layer and cap sheet. Its an excellent choice for tanking podium decks, inverted roof, green roof, and blue roof applications. Permaquick 6100 is designed to last the lifetime of the building and is a fully warrantied system with BBA certificate for zero falls. Its an excellent choice in an inverted roof application where the membrane is buried below closed cell insulation (such as extruded polystyrene insulation) and finishes such as gravel ballast, paving or green roof are used to weigh down insulation (minimum of 60Kg/m2) and displace rainwater to rainwater outlets.

Typical Inverted Roof Build Up

  1. Ballast or Slabs on Supports
  2. Water Flow reducing Layer
  3. Right Thermal Insulation
  4. Drainage Layer (Optional)
  5. Liquid Waterproofing Layer
  6. Screed to Falls
  7. Structural slab/deck
  8. Internal Finish

Liquid Coating Systems

Liquid coating systems are an excellent choice in both new build and refurbishment application. Liquid polyurethane coatings are applied in 2 coats including a glass fibre reinforcement layer and fully bonded to the structure. Life expectancy of high-performance coating system is up to 25 years and can be used in warm roof, inverted roof, or exposed trafficable walkway applications. With its UV Stable properties, it will not degrade over time and is excellent at maintaining its a structural performance once installed correctly. Liquid coating eliminates the need for hot works and is a good solution for areas that are inaccessible such as small balconies and terraces.

Blue Roof Systems

A Blue Roof system is designed to collect and store rainwater water and allow controlled attenuation during heavy rain or storm events. Blue Roof systems improves a buildings environmental impact by acting as a source controlled sustainable drainage system (as part of the Sustainable Urban Drainage System). They are an excellent chouse for rainwater management, urban flood mitigation, green roof irrigation and can be used for servicing the need of a building through grey water harvesting.

Green Roof Systems

Green roofs provide several environmental and engineering benefits, from enhanced aesthetics to reduced energy consumption. There are a range of green roof applications depending on the purpose and nature, from biodiverse roof systems that harmonise with local eco systems, flora and fauna and local habitat for local wildlife to extensive, semi-intensive and intensive green roof systems.

Intensive and semi-intensive greens can be used as recreational area or can form part of a landscape aesthetic and are usually built off podiums due to their heavy loadings. As intensive green roof accommodates larger plants and shrubs there is a need for a deeper intensive substrate typically 450mm including a deeper water storage reservoir board at 60mm.

Typical Green Roof Build up

  1. Substrate with Vegetation
    Mineral mixture with sedum plants
  2. Drain and Water Storage Mat
  3. Diffusion Open Seperation Layer
  4. XPS-Thermal Insulation
  5. Bitumen Waterproofing Layer
  6. Bitumen Waterproofing Layer
  7. Bitumen Primer
  8. Concrete Ceiling

Elastomeric Bituminous Felt

Bituminous torch applied felt systems are effective on both new build and refurbishment applications. Being a traditional choice for specifiers, bituminous felt can be applied in warm, cold, and inverted roof applications. Roof resistance cap sheet is required when installing within green or blue roofs to maintain the integrity of the membrane throughout its life expectancy. Key features are very robust, heavy duty with a life expectancy of up to 35 years, loading capacity of up to 2000Kgm2 and tensile strength up to 1000N/50mm.

Single Ply Warm Roof

Single ply membrane is a polymeric membrane and an effective solution within a warm roof application. The membrane is fused together at laps using a heat gun which seals the membrane and achieves a complete weathertight solution. Single Ply can be applied in a refurbishment scenario to recover an existing membrane or to recover additional insulation installed where U Value enhancement is required and new build application, Single ply war roofs can be applied in new build on either rigor urethane flat board or tapered insulation.